Anyone who is remotely interested in a luxury SUV that stands high on performance and style should consider the G Class from Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz introduced the G Class way back in 1979, and since then, not much has changed about the boxy design and on-road performance. In fact, today, the G Class from Mercedes Benz is one of the longest produced cars from the German brand, coming second only to Unimog. Mercedes tried to find a replacement in GL-Class, which was launched way back in 2006, but the class and style of the G Class remains unparalleled in more ways than one. If you want to buy a Mercedes SUV, here are some of the things you need to know.

  1. The G Class from Mercedes is designed to avoid most of the on-road and weather problems. It is filled with around 50 liters of hot wax, so that you don’t have to bother about the factor of corrosion, while the windows can be replaced easily when you are only the road. The G Class from Mercedes is used in a number of industries, and is a favorite in military too. We all know about the 4×4 G Class, but Mercedes did come up with a 6X6 variant with the G63 AMG. With an engine that produces 544-horsepower, the 6×6 G63 AMG is a stud to own.

  1. Any SUV from Mercedes G Glass is meant for performance. In 1988, a German couple created a record by traveling 850,000 kilometers on their much loved 300GD. That’s the distance to the moon and back. Mercedes models from the G Class are intended for performance, and even some of the older models can outperform most economy models.

  1. Buying a Mercedes SUV can be expensive, but yes, you need to do your research. If the budget is too much, go for a used one, which can be as good as far as performance is concerned. Some of the models after 2000 can be expensive than your regular SUV, but there is no denying that older models are still cheaper and definitely better if you are low on budget.

Check online now to find the right deal for Mercedes G Class range, and if possible, do check the history of the car in detail. You also need to find more details related to the ownership and probable problems that may need further repairs and investment.

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