High temperatures are not friendly to vehicles; however, the intense sun, extreme heat and humidity can be quite damaging to Mercedes-Benz vehicles. They can decrease the efficiency of the cooling system of the engine and make the AC work overtime in order to keep the people inside the vehicle comfortable. Sun and heat can soften rubber components and make them wear faster than they have to. And if you own a used Mercedes these concerns can be quite worrying for you. So to protect your car during the summer and avoid visiting a Mercedes service every now and then, consider the tips below.

Change the Air Filter

For proper gasoline engine functioning, a sufficient supply if air, strong spark and lots of fuel are needed. A dirty air filter wont’ allow the engine to acquire air for efficient combustion. This can result in poor fuel economy, higher fuel costs and potential engine issues.

Ensure Proper Fluid Levels

The transmission fluid helps in preventing the transmission from overheating. If the oil levels are low, dangerous engine friction can take place. Also, low coolant levels could let the engine overheat, potentially causing damages to the head gasket, the engine block or heads. Meanwhile, when the transmission fluid level is low, the transmission could overheat which will damage vital components or starve clutches, lubrication gears or solenoids, resulting in premature transmission failure. Check the fluid before the sunny months arrive and each maintenance visit can help in preventing expensive engine and transmission damages.

Charge the AC

You don’t want your air conditioner to malfunction when intense sun starts to strike. So have your AC inspected by your Mercedes-Benz dealership. Expect them to ensure the AC has the right amount of refrigerant, the electric system and belts are in top shape and the controls are in good working condition. The AC system is quite dependable in Mercedes-Benz cars; however, periodic maintenance can be a requirement.

Check those Wheels

The hot pavement and the sun can be quite tough on your wheels that can cause them to wear quickly. At the start or end of summer, have your wheels checked or replaced when needed. Also, get those suspension components checked for wear. You will want to make sure the steering is aligned as well. Having quality tires and a functioning suspension system, the summer heat won’t be a big problem to you while behind the wheel.

Inspect the Brakes

Intense temperatures can easily wear the brake pads and discs. So have these components checked to make sure you can stop powerfully in case of an emergency.

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