Minivans tend to offer customers maximum space for the vehicle size. It is a tad bit larger than a full size car and you can fit a driver and six passengers, or a driver, three passengers and a bunch of stuff. To put huge items like dressers or chairs, the middle row tend to fold down many models to make the rear a huge platform. Certainly, having the know how to stow all the seats in your Dodge or Chrysler minivan is important to make the most of the interior space. The Stow and Go seating system makes it really convenient. If you want to know which Chrysler Minivans Have Stow and Go Seating, get in touch with us. The Dodge has invented the minivan, so they have it all figured out. Here is how to use it.

Part One: Stowing the rear seats

  • Open the rear hatch and keep the trunk empty. It has to be totally empty in order for the rear seats to be stowed. At last they will be eventually tucked away underneath the trunk floor. If there is any mat or cargo net on the floor, remove it too, before you continue.

  • Locate the inch wide nylon cord that bears a label with number 1. The cord will be to the side behind the rear seats. When you pull on this, it will fold the headrests down and the backrest half of the seat down flat onto the other half as well. Keep note that on some models, the rear of the seat doesn’t lay totally flat until the next step.
  • Seek the cord marked with a 2 and pull on it. It will flatten the seatback against the bottom half fully. In many models, this cord will dislodge the seats partially for stowing.
  • Seek a cord marked 3 and pull it at the same time as the number 2 cord. Release the number 2 as you pull the number 3 and the seats will move back and stow themselves on the trunk floor.

Part Two: Stowing the Middle Seats

  • Move the front seats entirely forward. Seek two panels made of carpet on the floor in the front of the middle seats. Store these panels to a side, the spaces holding the seats should be cleared for the imminent steps.

  • Seek the level on the seat’s side. It lets you fold down the seatback against the bottom half of the seat. Before the lever is used, fold the headrests down so that they don’t stick out when the seat is folded in half. When the lever is pulled, lower the seatback when it is almost flushed with the bottom half. Then lastly, put the carpet back in place.

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