Riding a motorcycle is much harder and more dangerous than driving a car. So buying a new motorcycle should not be from the “all money” or “more powerful” series, but from the calculation of its capabilities. A pleasant, easy and safe operation of the motorcycle will give joy to the novice biker. You will learn more powerful and quick techniques with time when you get experience and improve driving skills.

Forget the word “race”

Accelerating dynamics and maneuverability of almost any motorcycle or scooter are impressive, for this, they are loved. But the same dynamics can play a cruel joke. Therefore, you do not need to chase the speed and start with a traffic light, sharply releasing the clutch. Overtaking the car you will learn very soon, but for now, a safe smooth start is much more important. You only need to prove your skills to yourself. For that, the Motorcycle Rider Training is an essential step for you now.

Plan your actions well in advance

Even on a car with more stable and safety features, you need to think through the route and actions, leaving a reserve of time and space for a safe maneuver. Managing a motorcycle should be done with even more stock and accuracy. It is necessary to learn about the trajectory of the entrance to the turn (the angle of the bike) or to estimate the distance for braking after overtaking to the transport ahead. To do this, you need to take the right lessons.

Develop your driving style

You yourself should evaluate your skills and understand if you are driving the motorcycle proper or not. For example, if you are not too confident to enter the turn, then laying motor vehicles at high speed is very dangerous. Choose the most convenient trajectory and safety speed, gradually increasing it. In addition, in a turn on a slippery road, braking is the worst enemy. If you have exceeded the speed before the turn, then try to tilt the bike into the turn; do not overdo it with the brakes, in order to avoid the drift of the axle. Do everything smoothly.

The passenger is not a hindrance

There comes a time when you yourself can be a passenger. And suddenly it will seem to you that it’s much worse than driving. Every movement, any maneuver you will want to do in your own way. This can happen when you are in the driver’s seat as well. The solution is very simple, before the trip converse and decides that the passenger will not distract you from the back seat.

Be concentrated every second

On a motorcycle, it will not be possible to stretch your neck before stopping in the permitted place. You cannot talk on the phone without a special headset. You cannot smoke. Many more things are “not allowed.” It is strictly forbidden to release the steering handle. Any movement must be subordinated to security.

Follow the signs

When high-speed Moto techniques before the turn and the sign on the speed limit do not have time to reset the course, it can turn into a sad outcome. This is especially applicable to roads of general importance. In the US there are too few roads that allow high speeds for both cars and, especially, motorcycles. So you need to go through the Motorcycle Rider Training for having the right skill and experience for the same.

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