Winters are charming with the white snow pelting down, creating a beautiful view. But it can be very cumbersome to those who are always on a go. Wet and snowy winter conditions often make roads a tad more dangerous to drive on. Here, winter tires can come to one’s rescue, averting many dangers of the wet streets.


To understand why winter tires are advocated world around when the temperature is below 7 degrees Celsius, it’s important to know how winters can affect driving conditions.

  • Winters which are associated with wet and snowy conditions makes the road extremely slippery for vehicles with normal tires. This increases the risk of skidding and thus, accidents.
  • When the mercury falls, creating bad weather conditions, a normal car is sure to experience wheel spinning, eventually getting unbalanced or stuck into a rut causing unwarranted expenses.
  • Losing car control even with an ABS in place is common for people driving in wet areas. Winters bring with it braking ineffectiveness and thus, makes the role of tires even more important.
  • Reduced grip of the vehicle on roads owing to the snow is a very common cause of mishaps in the chilly climatic conditions.

These conditions which are caused by changing weather calls out for making the vehicle winter-ready so that one can drive safe and sound. The winter tires make all the difference for those who really care about the well-being of their vehicle and their loved ones.


In bizarre climate, snow tires actually create better driving conditions and ensures better grip on water and ice laden streets.

  • The first reason why winter tires are the in thing for winters is the fact that they comprise of a more natural rubber compound making them softer and thus, more flexible in adjusting for a drive on slippery surfaces.
  • The treads of these tires are deep set which ensures proper water shift. When the car moves over water, this feature helps in maintaining adequate car control.
  • Another interesting fact that makes the winter tires so apt in the tricky climatic conditions is its treads. They are designed in a way to fill in snow, these snow-filled tires provide super grip on the snow surface, making them an ideal choice.
  • While turning around slimy corners or experiencing sudden snow outbursts on roads, the sipes on the snow tires ensure a road cling and thus, does not let the vehicle topple over when making sharp turns.
  • These tires, with their broad coverage and their ability to hold on to the ground improve the efficiency of the brakes too, which generally falter in these environmental conditions.

These tires do not let one get perturbed in the bad weather, bringing about the most secured and thrilling driving experience. The choice might be a little difficult to make, owing to the expense involved in procuring the winter tires, but those who have driven a car with normal tires in winter will feel that winter tires make all the difference.

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