When someone mentions a recreational vehicle, you probably imagine a large RV measuring seven to fourteen meters in length or the size of a small bus. However, you can get the same convenience of a full-size RV in the frame of a minivan.

Mini RVs are converted to provide the amenities you expect from a recreational vehicle and they provide the perfect vehicle for your next vacation.

Travel to Your Destination in a Hotel on Wheels

RVs are similar to hotels on wheels as you get all the accommodations you need for your trip. These vehicles typically include one or more beds and sleeping areas, a kitchen, sink, and small fridge.

RV rental eliminates the need for a stay at a hotel or resort, reducing the cost of your trip. At night, you just need to find a place to park the RV, such as an RV park or campground. There are also certain retail locations that allow people to park their RVs in the parking lot overnight.

Prepare Your Own Food in a Mini Kitchen

RVs are also equipped with small kitchens that include many of the appliances you need to prepare your own meals. You get a small fridge for storing your food along with two gas stoves, a sink with tap and drain, and a water tank. After eating your meal, you can wash your dishes without leaving the mini RV.

You also have the option to add extra items for an additional charge, such as a kitchen kit. The kitchen kit includes dinnerware, cutlery, pans, utensils, and towels.

Custom Extra Packages for Additional Comfort

Besides the kitchen kit, you can add other items to make your vacation more comfortable. Almost anything you could need is available, including bedding, baby seats, camping chairs, a picnic table, heater, and sleeping bags.

Mini RVs Provide Room to Sleep and Play

As mentioned, mini RVs typically include sleeping accommodations. This may include large double beds to sleep four adults or a small family. For one or two travellers, there are mini RVs with one double bed. Besides beds, you also get bench seats, a table, CD player, and radio.

Mini Recreational Vehicles Are Easy to Drive

While many families would like to take a trip in an RV, some drivers may not feel comfortable behind the wheel of a large vehicle. Mini RVs are built with a minivan base, making them easier to drive for those who do not have experience driving buses or trailers.

Mini RVs Give You More Freedom

The best reason to rent a mini RV for your next vacation is the freedom that you get. When you do not need to book a room at a hotel, you can go from one destination to the next at your own leisure.

Mini recreational vehicles offer convenience and affordability. As you start preparing for your next vacation, remember to consider renting a mini RV. Whether you are traveling from campground to campground or simply exploring the US or Canada, you can go where you want when you want.

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